Can't resolve address on Bind 9

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Thu Feb 7 06:36:06 UTC 2002

> I have a master bind 8.3 Red Hat server and did have an 8.3 slave.  The
> slave's hard drive died.  I've setup Red Hat 7.2 on a replacement server
> using the version of bind that comes with it.  These are for external dns.
> I see that my zones get copied over to the slave successfully.  But, when I
> nslookup into the slave server I can't resolve any addresses.  I can however
> resolve addresses at the console or internet browsing.  I'm new to Linux,
> must have a setting wrong. Any idea's.  Or is this normal for a slave
> server.  Btw, is a slave bind server the same as a secondary bind server?
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