How to check DNS servers' health ?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Feb 7 17:42:54 UTC 2002

At 05:31 AM 2/7/2002, Kais Al-Essa wrote:

>Hello all,
>We are getting some problems on DNS resolution that are a bit strange. I was
>wondering how can we test the health of our DNS servers ?
>Are there any known tools online or some particular tests to be done with
>BIND to ensure proper performance and response times ?
>We are using BIND 8 (latest build) on NT4.

You didn't say what you mean by latest build.  The latest BIND 8 build
is 8.3.1.  Is that what you are running?

You also did not give examples of the problems you are encountering.
Why not post some examples of problems so that people can
help you? Define proper performance and what should be the
proper response time for a query? What kind of query?


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