Zone parser in source code?

Justin Scott lists at
Sat Feb 9 05:46:03 UTC 2002

> > > Hey all..  perhaps one of the developers can help me out here..
> > >
> > > I am in the process of writing a zone parser in ColdFusion for a web
> > > application I am building.  I have a fairly working parser in place,
> > > but it...
> >
> > To write a parser is not easy!!
> > If you do not know C it is hard to understad the parser.
> > I know that a lot of programmers do not write parsers directly in C
> > it is difficult but they user tools as LEX that is a sort of language to
> > define grammar's rules that generate an output code in C.
> >  Regards
> > Marco.
> I agree with Marco.  Even a simplistic parser that doesn't blow up
> with observed real-world data takes some effort if starting from
> scratch.  Here was my first stab at this sort of thing:

Andris, thank you for the code smaples and examples, they should be helpful
in my journey to write a CF-based zone parser.  The one I've written up to
this point works fairly well, but I want it to be able to read ALL the zones
that my users have concocted, not just 97% of them <g>.  I'll take the
examples into consideration and keep cracking at this.  Perhaps I'll post
the code here when it's done in case there are any other CF coders out there
wishing that something like this existed (and if there are any C programmers
that are well versed in talking to DNS servers and can write a CFX tag for
ColdFusion, please contact me off list, as I may have work for you :).

-Justin Scott, Lead Developer
 Sceiron Internet Services, Inc.

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