BIND 8.3.1-REL is now available

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Feb 10 01:05:30 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Alaa" == Alaa Alamood <aaa at> writes:

    Alaa> Does this version of bind using sockets when to connect with
    Alaa> the clients like version 9.x or it using file system to get
    Alaa> the information form the server

Your question does not make sense.

All versions of BIND use sockets to handle requests (queries) from
clients, assuming that this is the mechanism the underlying operating
system provides for network communication. [I suppose some systems
might still be around that use SysV-style STREAMS instead of sockets.]
DNS queries do not go through the filesystem. They're sent over the
network to UDP or TCP port 53. Name servers don't connect to clients:
it's the other way round.  BIND8 provides a control channel that could
use UNIX domain sockets to allow ndc and the name server to rendevous
though a pathname in the filesystem. This functionality was removed
from BIND9 because it was not portable to some of the other operating
systems that BIND9 runs on: like NT.

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