Intermittent sendmail/dns??? problem

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Feb 10 03:11:02 UTC 2002

At 09:05 PM 2/8/02, Felix D. Wisgo wrote:
>I've got an intermittent sendmail/dns (don't know which) problem which
>manifests itself as this error message to folks sending mail to users at
>a virtual site that I host:

It's probably because you have 5 nameservers listed as authorative for
the domain, but only knows about the domain.,,, do not know about the mx records for the domain.
If these servers are properly set up as slaves for the domain, then the
chances are pretty good that they are not doing zone transfers from
what I assume to be the master:  Zone transfers failures
are the most common cause.  Neither of the granitecanyon servers seem
to know anything about the soa record and the pronym servers show two
different soa serial numbers, while shows a very low serial
number.  Make the serial number larger than the ones on and
a zone transfer wshould take place.  You also need to do something about
granitecanyon since it seems to not be authorative for the zone so intermittent
problems will continue to occur until either they are authorative or they
are not listed as nameservers for your zone. The pronym servers don't consider
themselves to be authorative for your zone either.


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