second lookup fails

Michael Kjorling michael at
Mon Feb 11 21:52:46 UTC 2002

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dig's +trace option can be quite useful:

> [michael at varg michael]$ dig a +trace
> ...
>	172800	IN	A
>		172800	IN	NS
>		172800	IN	NS
> ;; Received 120 bytes from in 401 ms
> [michael at varg michael]$

So it's in the root servers. But:

> [michael at varg michael]$ whois 'host at'
> []
> ...
> No match for host "NS.RARITANVAL.EDU".
> [michael at varg michael]$

Did you just delete the host record?

Michael Kjörling

On Feb 11 2002 15:22 -0500, Raymond Cummins wrote:

> ...I do a:
> % host {some name server}
> Using domain server {some name server}:
> ns.raritanval.EDU has address
> ...but the second and each consecutive time:
> % host {same name server}
> Using domain server {same name server}:
> Host not found.

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