DNS problem at bt.co.uk

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Tue Feb 12 18:02:03 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Hatfield <jim.hatfield at insignia.com> writes:

    Jim> I'm trying to send mail to someone at bt.com. All the MX records
    Jim> point to machines like mailhub1.axion.bt.co.uk.  However I
    Jim> can't resolve any of their IP addresses.

Well unless BT screwed up and have since fixed the problem, this looks
like a local issue. Mail delivery for bt.com is working just fine. All
the name servers for bt.com are responding correctly. There's no
missing glue or empty additional sections in the answers I've just got
from them. The SOA record for bt.com suggests the zone was changed
today, so maybe they did screw up and then fixed the mistake earlier
in the day?

It would have been useful if you'd included the header section of the
dig replies. This might have shown if the servers were answering
authoritatively for the zones in question. Don't bother doing this
now as the BT name servers are behaving OK. 

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