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Well, I believe that for Yahoo you can do the same with scs.yahoo.com.
At least that is the host GAIM <http://gaim.sf.net> uses by default
for Yahoo.

And blocking access to external name servers is fairly easy, at least
if you only care about blocking 99.9-or-so-percent of the users. Only
allow TCP and UDP on port 53 to/from the internal caching DNS
server(s) - and of course any masters or slaves you may have.

Michael Kjörling

On Feb 12 2002 17:39 -0000, those who know me have no need of my name wrote:

> >To answer the original querier:
> >
> >zone "oscar.aol.com"	IN {
> >	type "master";
> >	file "zone.redirect";
> >};
> this works for aim only because oscar.aol.com is a subdomain which has no
> other purpose.  (i.e., this doesn't work for yahoo messenger.)
> also, for this to *really* work you have to prevent use of external
> nameservers.

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