db file management

michael.wilkinson at twcable.com michael.wilkinson at twcable.com
Tue Feb 12 20:30:31 UTC 2002

Ok, I had a monumental brain fart... Just maintain then in the same file 
and point to the same file in named.boot for the multiple zones.

Although, I would still be interested in best practices for managing 
multiple db files, etc...


michael.wilkinson at twcable.com wrote:

> Hi all-
> Looking for some ideas on how to manage multiple db files for a range
> of domains. For example, suppose we are to maintain the following:
> somezone.com
> somezone.info
> somezone.tv
> Typically,   if I just maintained somezone.info I would create a file
> called db.somezone for the forward mapping.
> But now I am to maintain somezone.info and somezone.tv! Yea, can name 
> them what ever we want but we want it manageable;)
> Looking for best practices when it comes to this... If there is a FAQ
> or resource let me know. Have to looked at BOG yet but figured all of
> you gurus would know. Will summarize.
> thanks-
> -mike

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