round robin and QIP

England, Robert (Robert) england at
Wed Feb 13 01:08:52 UTC 2002

QIP uses ISC BIND Code. 

What version of QIP?, and what version of BIND? 8.x and higher support round
robin with out any directives. Set up the records correctly and things
should works fine.


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> >>>>> "sean" == sean  <oxandrolone at> writes:
>     sean> We are usign QIP as our IP address management platform.
>     sean> Lately alot of our customer have been asking for round robin
>     sean> DNS, eg two hosts resolve to 1 host, with added requirement
>     sean> that they be able to reach either host by a specific name.
>     sean> Does anyone know if there is a way to do this in QIP?
> Try asking Mr. QIP. This forum is supposed to be about BIND, not QIP.

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