BIND / w2k

rudeboy rudeboy at
Wed Feb 13 01:33:33 UTC 2002


for days now i'm trying to setup the following: i have my own
domain-name and want to add "sub-domains" meaning: let's for
the heck of it say that my domain-name is
and i want to make i'm running my Apache
web-server on a Windows 2000 AS pc & on that same machine i also 
have BIND running. (fyi: i run my own name-server & my secondary 
is a name-server of a friend of mine) if i test locally it works 
so the 'error' is not in apache.

can someone plz help me.. my config files (if needed) are located

(weird -or maybe not- detail, if you go to the link i posted i will
see it in my 'sax' log-files :)

root_down & thanks in advance,

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