named 8.2.4-REL using 99% of CPU?

Will Yardley n at
Wed Feb 13 07:07:27 UTC 2002

In article <a4d2ce$8st at>, David Kutcher wrote:
> I'm running named 8.2.4-REL on a FreeBSD 4.4 system.
> The problem goes as follows:
> Some times it'll shoot up to 99% utilization of my systems CPU's for
> about 5 mintues, then go back down and run at around 1% CPU or less.

well not to be unhelpful, but have you tried upgrading?  this is an old
version, and you should probably install either 8.3.1 or 9.2.0.

it's possible that bind and / or your machine have been compromised.
i thought a later version came with 4.4 - did you have
NO_BIND=       true
in /etc/make.conf?

it may be a pain to remove all the old binaries if you install from
source in /usr/local/*.

hopefully someone can give a more helpful answer.

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