Running a secondary server BIND V9 as a primary

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Wed Feb 13 15:12:49 UTC 2002

Fabrice Moutte  <Fabrice.Moutte at> wrote:

>>I'd like (and I have) to serve the same zone on a Solaris/ISC Bind 
>>both as secondary and primary.
>>The Solaris/ISC Bind must be either the secondary server of a Windows 
>>2000/AD server which  is the primary "hidden" server of our zone and 
>>the "official" primary server of our zone on Internet. This 
>>"official" primary will have two other second unix server as 
>>secondary servers .

And Barry Margolin, barmar at replied:

>Configure the zone as a slave on the Solaris server.  On the Windows
>server, remove the NS record that points to itself, and add the Solaris
>server to the "Name Servers" tab of the zone properties.

The W2k DNS code will re-create the deleted NS record for itself unless
you disable this activity (via a posting from Michael Bateman Feb 6):

     It is possible to disable this activity.  The easiest being the
     following command.

     dnscmd servername /config zonename /AllowNSRecordsAutoCreation

     This command disables NS record autocreation
     entirely.  If you wish to allow NS autocreation for a
     subset of name servers, execute the same command again
     followed by a list of IP addresses.  Only those IP
     addresses will be able to autocreate NS records for

I have not tried this in our W2k testbed or our W2k production network.
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