bind 9.2.0 errors while loading

Will Yardley n at
Wed Feb 13 21:52:21 UTC 2002

In article <a4emgu$k48 at>, Ali Eghtessadi wrote:
> I have upgraded from bind 8.2.5 to 9.2.0 and while named loads I get the
> following error messages. I like to know what the "rndc key" is 

rndc is the equivalent of ndc in bind 8; you can use it to control the
nameserver.  you can use the rndc-confgen tool to generate an rndc.conf
file and a sample 'controls' statement for named.conf.

you can also do:
rndc-confgen -a

which should work fine if you're only going to be controlling bind from
the nameserver itself; this should configure everything for you.

see rndc-confgen(8) and rndc.conf(5) for more info (also the BV9ARM) 

> and also why it is complaning about an out-of-zone data for one of the
> domains only?
> daemon.warning]dns_master_load: master/ ignoring
> out-of-zone data (             
> dns_master_load: master/ ignoring out-of-zone
> data (

well what's on lines 19 and 20 of we're not
psychic.  but judging by the errors, looks like you have some
out-of-zone data :>


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