Expert Required for this one , IP web problem!! Please Help !! Urgent

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Thu Feb 14 00:34:42 UTC 2002

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>Barry Margolin wrote:
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>> >If I understand your requirements correctly, a CNAME should work fine
>> >here.
>> The web site is presumably doing name-based virtual hosting, and the
>> browser will send the alias, not the canonical name, in the "Host:" header
>> when it contacts the server.  Since they haven't put the alias in the
>> virtual host configuration (and it sounds like the hosting provider refused
>> to do so) the CNAME won't "work fine".
>I didn't get the impression that the hosting provider _refused_.

Well, they told him to reconfigure the other server so that it performed a
redirect.  The implication is that they wouldn't simply make the local
configuration changes required to accomodate the second domain going
directly (either via an A or CNAME record) to their server.

>At any rate, all that is required here from a DNS/BIND perspective, at most, is a
>CNAME. If the hosting provider(s) can't deal with that, then it would appear to
>not be a DNS/BIND issue at all.

Which is what I think I said several messages upthread.

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