round robin

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Feb 14 03:31:31 UTC 2002

At 06:53 PM 2/13/02, Barry Margolin wrote:
>In article <a4esp7$l0j at>,
>Brian Noecker  <bnoecker at> wrote:
> >The master is on a solaris box, the slave a RH7.2 box.
> >
> >When I'm on the master itself and ping test, is the only answer I
> >get back.  When I'm on a windows desktop using the master as its DNS server,
> >I only get  When I'm on the slave server and ping, I get about a
> >30/70 split on my returns.
> >
> >Should I expect consistency on the round robin nature of Bind?
>Solaris and Windows do local caching of DNS responses, and these internal
>caches aren't round-robined.  On Solaris this is done by "nscd"; you can
>adjust its cache timeout with /etc/nscd.conf, or simply not run it at all.
>I don't know details about Windows, but I'll bet there are registry
>settings that control its DNS cache.

On W2K you are better off just disabling it.  It's a system service and 
should be disabled if you are running BIND on the same box.


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