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Barry Margolin barmar at genuity.net
Thu Feb 14 15:44:16 UTC 2002

In article <a4ftbb$o7r at pub3.rc.vix.com>, Spicer's <spicer4us at qwest.net> wrote:
>I am not sure what I need to tell you to get advise. I apologize if
>information is missing or irrelevant.
>I am running gypsystar.com and trying to add thisisrisk.com. My isp has
>been hosting my domain name of gypsystar.com and that has been fine but
>now I have people that are requesting they get their own domain names.
>I have been watching here for some time and bought DNS and Bind by
>O'Reiley. Excellent book btw, thanks for the advise. I have read and
>followed it very closely. Thse commands now all come back clean.
>nslookup thisisrisk.com
>dig thisisrisk.com
>host thisisrisk.com
>The nameserver restarts ok even if I have to do it the hard way. No
>errors in the logs. All the do is state that it has started.
>Now my problem. I can use lynx and get to the pages I need. I cannot
>however connect via other computers. I realize this is a dns error but I
>am not sure how to fix it. I probably didn't tell you enough and for that
>I sincerely apolize. If you tell me what you need I will copy and send it
>to the group.
>Do I need to do something through thisisrisk.com registar? 

I was able to connect to the thisisrisk.com site.  I got a "coming soon"
page from register.com.

Register.com's nameserver appears to be configured as a primary server for
the domain.  If that's not what you want, and they should be transferring
the domain from your server, you need to contact them and get them to
reconfigure (I don't know offhand if they offer secondary DNS service,

I tried querying the ns.gypsystar.com server, but it didn't respond to DNS
or ping.  So as far as the rest of the Internet is concerned, the
register.com nameservers are the only ones that matter.

Barry Margolin, barmar at genuity.net
Genuity, Woburn, MA
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