some ingrediens - getting started...

Stefan Kosak stefan.kosak at
Thu Feb 14 12:50:14 UTC 2002


    setting up DNS on one new virgin server
 - book:         "DNS and BIND, 4th Edition, english" 
 - server:       dedicated server Intel celeron based
 - OS:           debian linux current version 
 - one ip:
 - two domains:   targeted as servername
 - one ISP serving for me secondary for and
                ( why define  zone transfer?)
 If you need real domain name and IP plese tell me with email.
 (noracentra at
 If you think book solved this problem clear for novices, 
 tell me page numbers or subkapitel... 
 (all between cover is to precise for me) 

 I am registered user by (free public dns) 
 but will learn a bit more. 

 Stefan Kosak


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