Starnge problem (Pl. help)

Ragu Nandan ragsug at
Thu Feb 14 20:38:24 UTC 2002

        Primary Internal DNS is BIND 8.11
        Secondary internal DNS is BIND 4.x        
        External DNS is BIND 8.23
        Only 1 zone.

There has been no changes to DNS in recent times except adding 
and removing hosts which is routine. All of a sudden, our 
internal network/users who are configured to use our Internal 
DNS to go out to the Internet start complaining about losing 
access. I can get to these sites by IP and not by name. On the 
internal DNS, when I do a nslookup on say, I get a
request timed out. Same with dig. nslookup on internal hosts 
works fine. On the external, nslookup works fine. The internal 
primary DNS is configured to make use of the external as 
forwarder.  Secy internal DNS is fine. I have no idea why 
forwarding stops. The only way I can resolve this problem is to 
kill in.named on the internal and re-start it. I have done this 
5 times. The problem goes away and comes back at random 
intervals. I have bounced both internal and external 
DNS. /var/adm/messages on internal shows unapproved updates and 
on external about "some DNS server running on an interface". 
Both these messages are common and I have been living with
it. I am lost totally lost. Pl. help.

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