SOA record fundementals

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Feb 15 17:49:35 UTC 2002

Sam Pointer wrote:
> Now, if I were to set up another *master* dns server for this zone, would
> the SOA record for *that* server look like:


The primary master is the DNS server to which dynamic updates
are sent, and thus should be the same on all NS for a given zone
file. If you are not doing dynamic DNS nobody else cares which
DNS server you regard as primary.

Before you do bizarre things with DNS, do check other ways of
achieving the same thing. 

For mail you can do it by pretending the different IP's are mail
relays, even if they map to the same mail server. Some
protocols, and/or clients will retry alternative IP's if the
first one returned failed. And if your in the UK I can even sell
you a box which will try and make decent use of both connections
when both are working, and route traffic the quicker way, if you
really can't face BGP.

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