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Fri Feb 15 20:24:37 UTC 2002

Marc Fishman <nlfishm1 at> wrote:

> Hello everybody,

> I have rs6000 (type 43P) AIX 4.3.3 machine with bind 8.2.4 installed
> on it.
> Bind seems to work fine except that telnet does resolve properly. 

> If I use, for example, " telnet cabeh4", it will not resolve. If I use
> "ping cabeh4" or "nslookup cabeh4", it will resolve fine.
> If I use a full name, lets say "telnet" it will
> resolve fine.
> The /etc/hosts file is minimal and the /etc/netsrv.conf is set to
> local,bind

> I don't understand why ping and nslookup has no problem with resolving
> and telnet does.

The resolver libraries is the ones that does "name-completion", based
on your "domain" or "search" in /etc/resolv.conf

ping and nslookup don't count, since they use their own resolvers.

> If anybody can share some light on this problem, it would be helpfull.
> Thanks,
> Marc Fishman

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