and BIND 8.3.1?

J Mike Rollins rollins at
Fri Feb 15 22:05:01 UTC 2002

I recently upgraded from BIND 8.2.5 to 8.3.1 and began to receive
complaints from our users regarding the site.

Name lookups for would timeout with 8.3.1 but would
return quickly with 8.2.5.

I downgraded our site to 8.2.5.  Our users are able to resolve, but I would still like to know what the issue is.

I have found that on a test machine, an nslookup
will return in about 30 seconds under BIND 8.3.1, but under 8.2.5 it will
return immediately.  However, one real oddity is that the answer is always
non-authoritative under both 8.3.1 and 8.2.5.

Anybody have any similar experience with 8.3.1?

(O' yea, I had problems with too.
The "query-source address * port 53" thing)


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