Problem with NSUPDATE

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Feb 15 22:33:56 UTC 2002

Roman Kreisel wrote:
> When i run nslookup, it tells me, that the server is running, so  why can't
> nsupdate connect to it? "allow-update" is set correctly!

nsupdate will send updates to the primary server (or other NS)
for the domain, based on what it finds in the SOA record for the
domain being updated.

The primary server for domain "lanparty." is "bender." and
"bender." does exist in the Internet DNS. I assume you didn't
want the "." on the end of "bender" as it is "bender.lanparty."
but only you would know based on information supplied.

Fix the SOA of lanparty to point to a valid primary server.

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