Errcode: 9: Bad file descriptor

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sat Feb 16 00:35:02 UTC 2002

At 07:18 AM 2/15/02, phn at wrote:

>Stanley Liu <stanley.liu at> wrote:
> > BIND 8.3.1 on NT 4.0 in private network.
> > The following error messages have been logged in our DNS log every 
> couple of minutes. It seems to me the slave nameserver tried to do a zone 
> transfer of and never got completed and therefore it is 
> re-trying every other minute.  I am the master (primary):
> > 03-Feb-2002 01:48:03.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to 
> [].2586
> > 03-Feb-2002 01:48:03.000 stream_getlen([].2586): Errcode: 
> 9: Bad file descriptor
> > The slave nameserver is a WinNT DNS.  I have at least three other slave 
> DNS have the same problem.  I have checked Google but similar questions 
> (3) were never answered fully (ie. no definite solution was 
> recommended).  Hope I'll have better luck than the others.
>You might have better luck running BIND on a "native" platform.
>All the un*x alternatives runs BIND better, and many of them has a lot
>cheaper licensing costs too ( not to speak about "cost of ownership")
>The above error seems to be a resource shortage in the OS itself. Thus my
>suggestion to switch to a more programmable OS.

This is not true.  It's an indication of a bug in the program, probably NT


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