round robin

Len Conrad LConrad at
Sun Feb 17 06:54:43 UTC 2002

>More to the point, BIND does not do any round-robining.

To quote from your URL below:

"This is the current "round robin" function, and it has been used quite 
successfully for several years in sharing load among several machines."

RRset-order default is "cyclic".  dig any RRset 3 or 4 times and see the 
physical order of the records change.

>BIND simply returns both of the A records.

but they both can't arrive exactly simultaneously, so they arrive in a 
physical ordering.

>The client application chooses which of those A records to use.

could be, but vast majority is looking for one A record, and will take the 
first in physical order.

>See < > for more 

I suggest you see it yourself.

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