what if central dns servers are blown up ?

Gary Wardell gwardell at gwsystems.co.il
Sun Feb 17 15:18:30 UTC 2002

>> I think far bigger threats exist to the Internet infrastructure
>> than physical destruction of all the servers at the same time.

>Can you name a few and take away my ignorance about that ? :)

Maybe downing a few of the important routers such as mae-east and mae-west.

Maybe cutting several of the key fiber-optic cables, as is occasionally done by construction crews by accident, just not all at

I suppose it would be hard to down the whole net, but is certainly could be crippled and sections of it could be downed with enough

I think it was the code-red thing several months ago that did a pretty good job of wide-spread DOS, although I don't think that was
it's intent and that didn't involve doing anything physical.


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