Problem to add new domains!

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You don't mention if the zone entry that you showed us is on the
master or slave, but the slave server has to know it is supposed to
serve the domain in question:

zone "" {
	type slave;
	file "cpie1/";
	masters { ip.of.mas.ter; };

This is thoroughly explained in the DNS and BIND book.

Michael Kjörling

On Feb 18 2002 10:30 -0500, Éric Allard wrote:

> We use bind 8.2.5 on solaris!
> When we add new domains in our primary (master) DNS, this DNS sends a
> notify to our secondary (slave) DNS. This is all right!
> When the secondary (slave) DNS receives this "notify", it answers "name not
> one in our zones". It answers it even if we already
> have autority of these domains.
> Here an example of the log in our master DNS:
> Feb 18 09:19:14 masterdns named[21219]: Sent NOTIFY for
> " IN SOA 2002021801" (; 2 NS, 2 A
> Here the log in our slave DNS:
> rcvd NOTIFY(, IN, SOA) from [masterdns].56516
> Feb 18 09:19:03 slavedns named[1797]: [ID 295310] rcvd NOTIFY
> for "", name not one of our zones
> Here the entry in our named.conf about this domain:
> zone "" {
>          type master;
>          file "cpie1/";
> };
> Why the slave always answer this error name instead of adding this newly entry?
> I would appreciate any hints!
> Thank you very much in advance!

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