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Mon Feb 18 21:19:40 UTC 2002

Nate <nnord at> wrote:

> I'm running DNS on Redhat 7.2 and I'm really confused about something.
>  I setup all our zones using GNOME and everything worked fine.  I've
> made changes remotely to the zone files, restarted NAMED, and queried
> the server to make sure everything works.  A couple days later I
> notice DNS errors involving the changes that I made directly to the
> zone files.  I corrected the errors and query again and everything
> appears fine but... just for grins I go into GNOME and the DNS config
> tool still sees the old entries.  What zone files is it using and why
> am I seeing these issues?  One change that I just made is correct in
> the zone file, queries come back correct, but the GNOME DNS config
> tool is still seeing the old values even after restarting.  It seems
> that after a certain period of time, the /var/named zone files update
> themselves from where ever the xconfig tool is getting it's info. 
> Help...

Try to disable the "dnstool" that comes with redhat and edit the
files "by hand".  ( dnstool stores config information and
generates configinfo whenever it wants too ( or moon is full whatever
comes first).

Same symptoms for the tools that tries to configure sendmail : remove 
and use "standard tools".

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