Any luck running Bind 8.3.1 under NT/2k with high loads? - not me :(

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Feb 19 05:49:32 UTC 2002

At 11:33 PM 2/18/02, Vinny Abello wrote:

>The reason I'm asking is because I've been trying to get it to run
>reliably on our secondary name server for about a week now. I've gone
>through and groomed the config file looking for any problems and fixed
>a few typos and general errors. We're trying to desperately upgrade
>from 4.9.8 to 8.3.1 on NT. The 4.9.8 version works because we had
>worked with one of the original people (Larry Kahn) that got it stable
>on the NT platform. (We are acutually secondary for a few of Larry's
>domains). He found that in the source it was trying to fork other
>processes which NT does not support. I don't know if ISC takes this
>into account when they produce the NT binaries they have posted on
>their site.

The BIND 8 code on NT doesn't fork.  It can't.

>  After Larry found and fixed this problem in the Bind 4.x
>code several years ago it's been the most stable DNS server for NT. We
>just can't seem to get 8.3.1 from ISC's web site to work reliably for
>more than a few hours. We have it running successfully on a caching
>only server with no problems and also a primary DNS server with a
>couple hundred domains at most. The server we are trying to upgrade
>serves around 2,500 domains which are all secondaries for the server
>(with the exception of the zone and root hit
>cache zone). Anybody putting this kind of load on Bind 8.x with NT
>without problems? 4.9.8 has no problems with it and is actually
>faster. The named-xfer.exe processes kill the machine for several
>minutes (about 4 times longer than 4.9.8 takes). I took almost a whole
>day fixing the config file thinking this was the cause of the problem,
>but still no luck. I was going to try and run it in a high debug level
>minimized on the server until it crashes so I can see what's going on.
>Does anyone else have any suggestions? Feel free to email me with your
>experiences. Thanks very much in advance!

Post some of the error messages you are getting. You may also want to limit
the number of simultaneous transfers which is a configuration setting. How many
named-xfer processes do you see running?


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