Problem in Updating A record

Nitin Khurana NKhurana at
Tue Feb 19 06:47:35 UTC 2002

Hi All,
        I am trying to update some records in the primary server using
the res_update query on Solaris 8, I am not able to do it & when I see
through the packets, in the header, the opcode is shown as query, is
that fine?? Or is that a problem, is the server trying to interpret the
packet as a query packet & then try to answer it & thats why creating
problems??? Also in the header part I see the type as 6(Start of a zone
authority) though my packet is an update packet & the only section is
the update section, not having any prereq, update or zone sections. Is
that fine?? Or is it neccessary to have a zone section or anything like

All responses shall be appreciated.

Nitin Khurana.

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