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Tue Feb 19 19:16:17 UTC 2002

Ramesh_Donti at wrote:

> Now we are running DNS on a HP-UX server and planning to move onto a SUN
> server.
> Could you all give some inputs in implementing this.
> For some reasons, I can't use the existing DNS servers name and IP address
> as well for the new one.

The fact that you will implement a new server on a new ip is a feature !

It means that you may ( should ?) start up the new name server first,
getting it operational and tested before telling your registrar about
the new nameserver address.  

Otherwise, a sun functions like a hp, get the source, compile and install.

Startupscripts is different, but no worse then you will figure out.

And, stau away from SUN-s named-binary, get a fresh one.

> Regards,
> Ramesh Donti

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