Will Yardley william-nospam-newdream-net at
Tue Feb 19 19:22:04 UTC 2002

In article <a4tkpi$t4d at>, James Griffin wrote:
> Will Yardley wrote:
>> Feb 19 00:13:33.240 zone loaded serial 2002021901
> Note the serial number = 2002021901, this is the same as the serial
> number on the slaves.  Qouting from later in your message:

well it is now, but if you look at the message, that wasn't the serial
on the slave until i did rndc reload [zone] on the slave; and if you
look, the serial number of the zone on the slave was different a minute
before i changed the zone.

i do note that the second slave nameserver has the correct info now
without any intervention, but i'm assuming this is because the zone was
transfered again due to the refresh interval.  however i'm still
confused - why doesn't the zone reload as soon as the notify is sent? 
> > as of now, the secondary nameserver still hasn't updated, and
> > probably won't until i refresh it.

> > aura% dig soa +sh
> > 2001121901 10800 1800
> > 1814400 300

> > aura% dig soa +sh
> > 2002021901 10800 1800
> > 1814400 300
> The Notify message is only a "head-ups " message with the zone and
> serial number.  Your slaves see that the serial number has not changed
> and so there is no preceived need to request a zone transfer.

the serial number HAS changed though (see the two sets of serial numbers

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