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Tue Feb 19 19:34:03 UTC 2002

Ric <ric at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> We have been running our own DNS for over 5 years now without any problems. 
> However we changed the IP of our main webserver ( 
> almost a year ago (to a colocation facility) and ever since then the old 
> (pre-move) IP keeps resurfacing across the internet, with varying percentages 
> of the population getting the out of date IP. We worked around this problem by 
> running a web mirror at the old IP but since we are now moving office this is 
> no longer possible.

HAve you looked at your delegation data and compared with 
teh running servers ?


will show : 172800  IN      NS 172800  IN      NS 172800 IN    A 172800 IN A

asking :
dig ns

will show : 86400   IN      NS 86400   IN      NS 86400 IN     A 86400 IN A

which is in line with delegation data BUT

asking :
dig ns 86400   IN      NS 86400   IN      NS 86400 IN A 86400 IN     A

does not give the same ip's.

Maybe this will give you a starting point.

> As if to compound the problem, since we moved our DNS servers from our old 
> office to the new one (and changed IPs, etc) our secondary is not picking up 
> the changes from our primary. I only mention this since it seems like too much 
> of a coincidence to be unrelated.

> We run several domains, with several hosts on each domain (in general), yet it 
> is only this one IP, relating to one host from one domain that has had this 
> ongoing problem (until our secondary started having problems this week). 
> A dig around various nameservers (pun intented :) shows our servers as 
> authoriative, yet only our own DNS servers show the correct IP for the host.

> I've been through the tech support personel from all the ISPs we deal with for 
> leased lines, colocation, etc and no-one has found the problem yet. We've 
> changed Registrars, moved DNS from ourselves to our ISP (this only caused more 
> problems). I'd be overjoyed to discover the problem was a stupid error in our 
> zone file, but if it is no-ones found it yet.

> I'm really running out of ideas with this problem so any help, advice or 
> suggestions anyone can offer would be gratefully accepted. 

> Cheers
> Ric

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