dig output 8.3 to 9.2

Will Yardley william-nospam-newdream-net at no.spam.veggiechinese.net
Wed Feb 20 07:59:40 UTC 2002

In article <a4vdl6$9j3 at pub3.rc.vix.com>, Drzal wrote:
> Why does the dig from bind-9.2.0 print out the TTL in seconds?  I
> couldn't find an option that looked like it would change the time
> format.  Is there something that I'm missing?

some people prefer one; some the other.  there are some options that you
can set in ~/.digrc (check the bind or bind9 archives for a previous
discussion about both of these issues), and i was suggesting that the
bind developers make dig's output configurable (w/r/t how ttls are
displayed), but AFAIK, there is no way to change this with bind9.

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