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Wed Feb 20 23:19:29 UTC 2002

> Oops, I guess that was a poorly worded question.
> I meant to ask, how can I find all the domains that list my nameserver
> as either their primary or secondary in their domain record?
> As an example, a customer of mine changes his own domain record so
> that DNS service is provided by another ISP.  But he never mentions
> this to me.  I leave him in my named.conf.  I'd like to get him out of
> there, but I don't want to drop people I should be providing service
> for.  Is it possible to get a comprehensive list of all the domains I
> should be providing DNS for.
> Thanks,
> Alex
	You can request this information from the various registries.
	Normally they will only honour the request if you are listed
	as a contact for the nameserver / zone containing the

	Since you are only trying to verify that you need to continue
	to serve zone, not find out zones that you are not serving this
	should be a managable process.


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