denied update from [an IP I don't know] for "my domain"

Simon Waters Simon at
Thu Feb 21 04:26:18 UTC 2002

Régis wrote:
> My questions :
> Which side does the error come from ?

It is probably a Windows 2000 machine which someone has typed
your domain name into instead of verizon's.

They try repeatedly to add themselves to the DNS.

> Is it an error that I must correct ?

If you don't want a dynamic update you can just ignore it.

> Is it something the admin made incorrectly ?

Probably not, probably just a user.

> Is is something important or not ?

If you don't want the update it is just noise.

> What should I do ?

I'd wait for someone to complain ;) 

Unless you've had some Windows 2000 machines stolen recently ;)

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