Blackhole DNS

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Feb 21 22:48:51 UTC 2002

Yes, when using RFC 1918 addresses, you should define reverse DNS zones at
the highest possible level in the hierarchy (e.g., Why the highest possible level, rather than just the slice
that you need, e.g. Because that way you avoid bogus
queries for mistyped addresses as well. You can always delegate if the zone
gets too large...

- Kevin

Martin Stewart wrote:

> When a server is being accessed by clients with private addresses
> (RFC1918) is it best practice to make the server's caching DNS server
> authoritative for
> I've recently seen a problem which I claimed might have been caused by an
> outage (or us not being able to reach) the blackhole servers at blackhole-
> and I was wondering how other people solved that issue.
> Come to that are there any stats on the blackhole servers?
> Thanks,
> Martin Stewart

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