w2k & DiG

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Thu Feb 21 23:58:58 UTC 2002

At 04:47 PM 2/21/02, rudeboy wrote:

>does anyone have experience with the BIND util 'DiG'
>for Windows 2000 AS (it's distributed as extra tool
>for BIND/w2k).. if i use the DiG command my IP's
>are reset to :-] not really what we want :}
For W2K you need to create a resolv.conf file in system32/drivers/etc/
because Microsoft moved the location of the nameserver list in the
registry between WNT 4.0 and W2K and the work hasn't been done
to look for the new location.  This was documented in the readme that
comes with the NT binaries.

The format for this file is:
domain dwaalspoor.com

Change the list to suite your needs.


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