Disable TCP/53

Tan Chun Han/ITNOC/PBB/PBBG tanch at publicbank.com.my
Thu Feb 21 06:49:10 UTC 2002

hi phn, as far as i know, DNS should use UDP/53 only and not TCP, that =
our FW is configured for UDP, unless there's zone transfers. as for our=

case, this
is only our Internal DNS for it to resolve MX records and www addresses=
therefore we don't need TCP/53 for name server resolving.

thanks and regards

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu@isc.org on 21/02/2002 02:26:16 PM

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Tan Chun Han/ITNOC/PBB/PBBG <tanch at publicbank.com.my> wrote:

> Hi, our firewall keeps detecting and rejecting TCP/53 queries.
> Does bind by default use TCP/53 and UDP/53? Is there any way to disab=
> TCP/53, thus enabling UDP/53?

Your firewall is errounesly denying TCP/53

Fix the fw config and the messages will go away.

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