Lame server ??

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Feb 22 09:56:27 UTC 2002

Tom Robinson wrote:
> These were not helpful answers for this person.

Sorry, I differ - help yourself, by reading what is already
written on an error would seem a sensible course of action,
especially on one so extensively documented as lame servers

> Suppressing the error will just hide the internal configuration problem.

I personally think suppressing lame server messages is a bad
thing in general. Just because a lot of bad DNS configs exist
doesn't mean you should ignore them, the availablity of a domain
your users are trying to use is usually in peril. And software
doesn't distinguish when ignoring errors if it is one of your
domains or not either.

> Possibly a missing period after "localhost" ?

And where do you think a missing period would cause this error?

Most likely I think they have a stray record like "localhost ns

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