Lame server ??

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Feb 22 13:11:01 UTC 2002

Len Conrad wrote:
> out to save the world, are we, Simon?  :))

I think I'm too late ;)

> For most DNS, "a lot" is just too many lame servers logged for the DNS
> admin to track down and get involved with fixing.

That's what "sort","uniq" and "grep -v" are for ;) 

I wouldn't try doing them all, but you should know which
companies, and domains, are important to your organisation, I
get myself e-mailed the list once a week but then my DNS is very
small. I did a script that throws out servers only listed once,
as they can be spurious, transient or already fixed. The less
time you have, the tighter you make the list.

I guess it depends how you view system logs. I find logging a
lot to the same place, and watching it in real time when
problems occur, or searching it for historical analysis, is
better than an incomplete log, or having to pull data from
multiple sources.

The really big sites have programs to react to their syslog
messages anyway, although programs will joyfully ignore
important messages if they don't trigger a known rule.

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