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>> Matt:  Is SteveP correct in his interpretation of your question?

> Yes, he is correct in his interpretation.  I wasn't prepared for this to be
> such a complex issue!

> Thank you everybody for your responses.  In short, I have learned that there
> is no global command that will program a slave to automatically update and
> grab zones from a master.  From what I have learned here, I assume that a
> named.conf entry has to be manually added for every zone (or with a script)
> on a slave.


If you recognize that configuring DNS may be more complex then using 
one box as master for all zones and another box as slave for the same zones
you realize that manual configuring is a must for all other cases.

Typically one has several nameservers and a mix of master and slave zones
in each + a heritage of "odd" zones ( say slaves for other organizations ) here 
and there.

> Thanks again for your responses, I will now go back to deciphering my
> O'Reilly "DNS and BIND" book.

> --matt

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