Strange behavior with zone forwarding.

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Fri Feb 22 20:47:50 UTC 2002

jjhirschauer at wrote:

> I am on BIND 8.2.2-P5+IBM. I have many master zones, a few slave zones, 
> and a few forward zones. The master and slave zones work fine. One of the 
> forward zones (not sure about the rest) works sometimes. Example: I start 
> named, check the log and everthing looks good, dig for 
> (internal zone with name changed) and get the 
> proper response. I stop named, start named, check log (everything okay), 
> and perform the same dig. This time the server thinks that it has to go 
> outside for the answer and returns only the external SOA of 
> with an NXDOMAIN response. This behavior is completely unpredictable. Any 
> thoughts?

You are running an awfully old bind, with known security risks. It _should_ 
be replaced.  

When replaced, there is a slight possibility that your problems went away,
if not, try turning on debug and post the resulting logfile.

( and yes, the appropiate part of named.conf would be of value too)

> Bye the way, I am forwarding for an internal zone due to a corporate 
> merger.

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