Root DNS Server fall-over from Master to Slave problem

Simon Waters Simon at
Sun Feb 24 10:48:13 UTC 2002

Thane wrote:

This domain seems to be working fine at the DNS level. look like they may need a bit more of a clue on DNS

If the Internet loses access to the servers (On
sequential ip addresses, which is usually a bad sign for
redundancy) this domain will stop resolving, as your DNS server
is not listed in the delegation data.

Juxta are using an old version of BIND with known security
flaws, and have extrememly unusual and low values in their SOA
record for various timeouts. It's possible (likely I'd suggest)
their DNS isn't very reliable as a consequence.

If they were my ISP I'd kick them hard about why their DNS is so
strangely configured.

Juxta have featured here before.

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