[+] rejected due to errors: 8.2.5-REL to 8.3.1-REL

Farid Hamjavar hamjavar at unm.edu
Mon Feb 25 17:45:40 UTC 2002

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Simon Waters wrote:
> I think it is probably a syntax error that 8.2 didn't pick up.
> BIND is getting pickier in it's old age ;)
> Either post the zone file, or look at the other errors produced.
> If you went with BIND 9 you'd have "named-checkzone" to help
> you.

Thanks for reply. But there is one little thing that makes me
think it is not a syntax error issue [other than the fact that we 
have not changed anything in ages in regards to unm.edu 
RR stuff] and rather is a bug in BIND 8.3.1 and that is when 
named starts -- believe it or not -- 

I do see :

master zone "24.129.in-addr.arpa" (IN) loaded (serial  .....)

It's only sometimes later (15 or twenty minutes later) that I see

master zone "24.129.in-addr.arpa" (IN) rejected due to errors  ....)

So, if it was a syntax, why did it load?


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