bind9 slave stops resolving

Jobe Bittman jobe at
Tue Feb 26 00:01:33 UTC 2002

Ok here is a strange issue we are having. the domain stops 
resolving on the secondary name server. I am the admin of the secondary 
name server. The primary server is currently running bind 9.1. My server is 
running 9.2. It seems to work for a day then stops and the secondary will 
no longer resolve We both reload and it starts working 
again. Does anyone know of any incompatibilities between 9.1 and 9.2 zone 
transfers? I thought since it takes a day to happen, it was tied to 
expiring and not keeping the zone cached or maybe the first time we reload 
and I delete the db.files it does an axfr but later it has problems with 
incrementals or something. I'm debugging now waiting for it to happen again.


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