include within view?

Steven Ames steve at
Tue Feb 26 17:24:11 UTC 2002

In my named.conf file I do a couple of 'include' statements to pull in some zones that are maintained by an associate. I just switched everything over to using views. I now hit a couple of snags:

1. I can't seem to use an 'include' statement from within the 'view' ... the file I want to include is just zone statements so including within a view would be correct, BIND just isn't letting me use the include statement;

2. I can't use the include statement outside of a view because then I would have zones that were outside a view (when using views all zones must be within a view, yes?).

I believe #1 to be an error in BIND. The 'include' directive should certainly be valid within a 'view' block.

This is under BIND 9.1.3


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