include within view?

Steven Ames steve at
Tue Feb 26 19:01:20 UTC 2002

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From: "Jim Reid" <jim at>
> >>>>> "Steven" == Steven Ames <steve at> writes:
>     Steven> 1. I can't seem to use an 'include' statement from within
>     Steven> the 'view' ...
>     Steven> This is under BIND 9.1.3
> Try running the current version of BIND9. There is little point
> whining about bugs in old versions of code. Especially when those bugs
> are fixed in the current release.

Yep. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious to me Jim :)
I know better, my brain just malfunctioned. I sent an almost immediate
acknowledging that fact. (though I never saw it appear on the list... go

The release notes for 9.2.0 definately say that what I need is present in


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