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Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Tue Feb 26 22:18:22 UTC 2002

> I am trying to do a zone transfer for a zone that 438,000 thousand DNS
> records.  But my server will not pull the zone, however I can do it
> using an axfr query and then redirecting it into a file and loading
> the zone that way.  Does anyone know of why the zone transfer will not
> take place by itself?  Is the file to large?  It does not seem that
> this would be the case, since I can pull it via axfr.

	Since named in known to handle zones with many millions of
	records there will be something specific with your setup
	that is causing problems.  The name of the zone would be
	useful and the IP address of the master server along with
	permission to transfer the zone so we could perform tests
	against the server.  Also the versions of named (named-xfer)
	involved.  Without these there will only be guesses.

	You could also check your logs to see what they are reporting.


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