Can I turn off lame delegation checks in BIND 9?

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Wed Feb 27 08:18:39 UTC 2002

Michael Egery <mjegery at> wrote:
> Hello all, 

> I have a need to turn off the lame delegation check that BIND 9 does for 
> each resolution.

> I particular, I have a master, and the slave BIND server is trying to 
> check for lame delegation with each zone transfer. I understand that this 
> is a nice feature, but we have already determined that the delegations are 
> not lame. Therefore, this is an unneccesary performance hit.

Tha fact that the delegations are ok right now does not mean that they
will stay OK forever.  

The test for Lameness might hit someday, then you shurley would like 
to be notified ??

Turning off checks for errors is seldom a good way to tune any software.

> I have read about the lame-ttl option, but this does not really apply 
> since the domains are not lame delegated and thus will not be in the cache 
> at all. I just need to turn it off, plain and simple. Is there an option 
> to do this? A compile time option? A command line option ?

> any help appreciated

> thanks in advance

> Mike 

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